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Sunday, January 22






Historically, the most important strategy for providing food through out the frozen months were methods of preservation. This knowledge has allowed indigenous peoples to thrive in our harshest winters by hunting and foraging in warmer months.

Thousands of different plant species were foraged for food, medicine, and cultural rituals, ranging from algae to conifers and flowering plants.

Meat and fish were hung, smoked, dried, salted or cached. These techniques remain important in today's indigenous communities, and are often overlooked as traditional regional methods in  modern culinary practices.

With the collaborative contribution of our local elders, Juniper’s Chris Irving and chef Nick Nutting, of Tofino’s award winning Wolf In The Fog unite to produce an "Indigenous Winter”. An interpretive culinary journey, from Canada’s West Coast to our home in the Canadian Rockies. 

Your ticket includes a multi-course degustation with complimenting beverage pairings.

Juniper is offering a hotel + event package for this evening, see below for details and booking.





JANUARY 22, 2017


1 Juniper Way, Banff, AB

This event is for ages 18+

Capacity 50 tickets

$55.00 CAN per person (+ GST & Gratuity) This event is the property of The Juniper, all revenue derived from this event goes to The Juniper. Pairing for this event includes 2x 2oz cocktails & 3 x 3oz wine pours.